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Signal Village National High School (SVNHS) was established on June 1976 by Fort Bonifacio High School (FBHS) Signal ANNEX under the leadership of Mrs. Clarita B. Manalili as Teacher-In-Charge with eight (8) teachers and one hundred seventy five (175) students only.


In 1977, Mrs. Aida A. Contreras took over as Head Teacher (OIC). She herself together with the parents, teachers and the Signal Village community, improved and developed the needed school facilities like library, canteen and additional classrooms. She retired in June 1994.


Mrs. Juanita De Vera became the Officer-In-Charge (OIC) when  the previous  HT/OIC vacated the position because of her retirement. With the help of the teachers, parents and the Philippine Marine residents surrounding the Signal Village  area/community the FBHS Signal Annex was gradually improved and developed.


Years passed, Dr. Aquilina S. Rivas Division, Schools Division Superintendent of Muntinlupa, Taguig and Pateros (MUNTAPAT) urged and helped the OIC Mrs. De Vera to separate FBHS Signal Annex since  FBHS is located at  Makati City to Signal Village National High School  because of its location which is under Taguig City. It was approved by the Secretary of Education Dr. Ricardo Gloria with the support of Cong. Dante Tinga as the representative of Taguig – Pateros district then.


Republic Act 8039, an act converting Fort Bonifacio High School Signal Annex into an independent Signal Village National High School was finalized in June 15, 1995.   Mrs. Juanita S. De Vera in  retired in 2003.  Dr. Domingo G. Manimtim replaced the principal retired in 2003. From 175  students in 1976 it raised to 5821 while the number of teachers became 95 with an increase of 87 teachers.



In  August 2007, Diosdado Macapagal High School Signal Annex was established by Dr. Manimtim because of its increasing students population. His compulsory retirement at 65 in October 2009 that SVNHS needs a new school administrator/manager.

In January 2010, Dr. ELEANOR F. ABISADO took the position of Dr. Domingo Manimtim. The students population of 5821 was  raised to 9250 students in general including the school Annex.  At this time it is considered the biggest high school in the  Division of Taguig – Pateros (TAPAT) Taguig City. The school management acquired additional school buildings from both local and national government.  The Department of Education (DepEd) ICT  project /program which  was spearheaded by Signal Village National High School. It  has accepted DepEd’s primary donation of  one hundred fifty (150) computer units  for its priority project, the iCT. After a year, (2011) the school offers Technical/Vocational courses through Senator   Rene Cayetano Companero (SRCC) technological skills based from (TESDA) which was  initiated by Senator Alan Peter S. Cayetano. Catering all interested parents, drop-out students and Signal Village National High School (SVNHS) students. 

With the untimely passing of Dr. Eleanor Abisado last January 2014 Mrs. Arlie I Belaro Education Program Supervisor was appointed Officer-In-Charge.






Filipino Youth who is God – Loving


highly competent, civic spirited and

life skilled who is a product of holistic learning:

and equipped with the empowerment

needed in building

a humane and productive society.





To provide basic quality


responsive education

that is equitable to all.

to lay the strong foundation

in developing a humane

and productive citizenry

geared toward the service for common good.